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Half Millenium Cloister Transformation

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This amazing historic half millenium cloister in Barcelona was transformed by Minim together with the 19th century building.  Turned into a 2,150 square foot home this cloister retains the historic feel thanks to designers’ approach for ‘modern restoration with and honest respect to history.’

Half Millenium Cloister Turned Into Home

Half Millenium Cloister Interior Design

Featuring arched ceilings and doorways as well as beautiful antique architectural elements the cloister is painted in white and designed in modern minimalist style which only accentuates the historic architecture.

The floors are also finished with light wood and together with matching furniture create an airy and light atmosphere. Only a couple of pieces add a splash of color to the interior design while the rest of it is bathing in light that reflects from the walls.

There is a dark narrow cabinet in the living room that contrasts with the rest of the neutral light furniture and purple and bright pink seats that add bright accents to the decor. In another room the wall is decorated with a bright artwork in red and black colors and a colorful striped chair matches this focal point.

Half Millenium Cloister Doors

The ceiling in the room is covered with beams while the room itself is divided into various zones including a stunning dining area with a chandelier hovering over it and a view of outdoors from double glass doors that face the entries pictured above.

Since the cloister features big windows and numerous entries the screens allow to increase privacy. The open layout also benefits from the use of screens as dividers especially for such areas as a home office.

The amazing historic building was beautifully restored and it is obvious from the pictures that the aim was to preserve rather than remodel. The modern minimalism allows the light from window flood the interior while the bright accents draw attention and add just a splash of color to decor.

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