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Famous Houses on TV

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There are many famous houses we’ve been seeing on TV and in the movies and some of them are real stars. Today we are presenting some quite remarkable as well as famous houses that have appeared on TV and in movies. They highly vary in architecture, style and they also come from shows and films of different years and even centuries. Some of these houses are real mansions others are more modest abodes but you will certainly recognize them.

Home Alone House

Famous Houses on TV

This $2.4 million house is famous for being used for filming one of the hit film series in the 90’s called Home Alone. It is located in a Chicago suburb sitting on 4,250 sq feet boasting three stories and a close vicinity of Lake Michigan. The house also has a beautiful dining room, that kitchen, and a room with a grand piano.

Entourage Villa

Famous Houses on TV

This Tuscan villa from HBO hit series Entourage has been put for sale recently as the last season of the show has wrapped up the filming and now some lucky new owners will enjoy the L.A. residence that sits on 9,010 sq feet. The house with seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms really has an appeal with its yellow sand color scheme and dark wood finishing.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith House

Famous Houses on TV

Mr. and Mrs. Smith was filmed in a house in Pasadena. The house looks similar to the one that was used in the Father of the Bride but it’s not the same. The classic white exterior with dark window shutters and roof matches the interior that is completed with a few touches of modern style.

The Godfather Staten Island House

Famous Houses on TV

This Tudor style house on Staten Island, New York has been used for filming the wedding scene in the movie The Godfather and it was originally put on for sale in 2010 for $2.9 million. The mansion is boasting eight bedrooms, four bathrooms and a  24,000 sq foot area with a pool and spacious garage.

Blade Runner House

Famous Houses on TV

Actually it’s not only famous for Blade Runner the house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright has made several appearance in movies and TV shows such as Day of the Locust, Rush Hour, Black Rain, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The house‘s architecture is quite impressive and exotic. It’s also on sale now for $15 million.

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