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Old Industrial Complex in Bordeaux

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At first there was a winery. It was inherited by a known merchant in Bordeaux, Francois Perrier. By the middle of the XVIII century, his growing production moved from the wooden shack to a large stone building, erected nearby. Perrier built greenhouses on the rest of the area to grow tobacco. However, after the death of Francois the industrial complex began to wither and gradually fell into decay.

Transformation of Old Industrial Complex in Bordeaux

Indstrial complex in Bordeaux by Patrick Hernandez and Florence Lopez

Indstrial complex in Bordeaux by Patrick Hernandez and Florence Lopez

In 2006, the former wine estate was bought by a cheerful couple – architect Patrick Hernandez and antique dealer Florence Lopez. They began rebuilding of the three structures – wood, stone and glass buildings. They have turned them into a full-fledged country estate for aficionados of Southern France and modern design.

The primary task was to combine in a single unit three multi-style buildings, constructed in different times. Everything had to organically flow into each other. Patrick’s studio had to flow into the sleeping area, Florence’s restoration workshop – into the living room, and all together – into the beautiful scenery around.

To achieve a full merger with the environment, Patrick has created a system of covered terraces transitions that stretched along the plot and did not spoil the view. They are supported by the finest steel footings and look very industrial, just in the style of the place.

The new owners generally tried to make maximum use of what they got from the previous owners. Patrick came up with the idea to remake an old wine fermentation tank into the pool. He is a master of unexpected decisions. Florence is more conservative. She was afraid that the water would smell must. But it turned out that they can handle with any odor.

The owners of the newborn estate describe it in one word – modernism. Indeed, the furniture in living and working areas can tell the history of styles of the first half of the XX century. Everywhere there we can see works of Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, Achille Castiglioni, George Nelson and Mathieu Matego. However, nothing was selected specifically for the estate. Some furniture moved from their apartment in Paris.  Some items were the gifts from friends, who are familiar with their addiction. Other furniture was found in the auction catalogs.

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