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Christian Louboutin’s Home in Paris, France

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Christian Louboutin’s shoes with red soles make every woman cry because of their perfection and price. His adorable understanding of fashion and his taste, of cause, are represented in the interior of his home in Paris.

Famous Shoes Designer Christian Louboutin’s Home in Paris

Christian Louboutin's home

Christian Louboutin in front of the dressing room

Christian Louboutin bought a non-residential attic in the downtown in Paris and turned it into a cozy home. The whole interior is a mix of fairy tales from all over the world united in one. His home is a kaleidoscope of amazing details.

There is a dressing room made entirely of carved doors, which Christian ordered in Alexandria. On the top of it there is a funny stuffed wild cat that is trying to steal a yellow shoe. There is a graceful bust of the African woman, wearing flowers on her head made of the black and silver metal. There are a lot of Yves Saint Laurent’s things that were bought on the auctions. For example, a carpet in the living room and an armchair in the cabinet. Doors leading to the dining room come from Morocco and the tiles on the floor come from Damask. Sofas were bought on flea markets all over the world. And the silver lamp in the living room come from Italy.

Frames on the windows were redesigned three times and finally were handmade. Louboutin wanted them to be in oval shape like in Versailles. Other windows made in triangle shape were made in addition to the main ones to bring in more light. When sunlight comes through the windows here starts an interesting play of light.

Designers of this fascinating interior besides Christian Louboutin are Pierre Passebon, owner of the Gallery nearby and a decorator Jacques Grange who also likes Moroccan doors.

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2 Responses to “Christian Louboutin’s Home in Paris, France”
  1. Julie K. Says:

    An attic apartment in Paris, that is just so..well, French! This place is beyond charming! All the antique pieces add very nice oriental touch to the space. The dressing room with its beautiful carved pattern feel quite exotic, very harem like, isn´t it.

  2. John Badera Says:

    I am looking for an interior decorator for an apartment that I an considering to purchase.

    6 Bedrooms 647sqm on the Camp De Mars.

    I want to feel like I just walked into a 19th century palace.

    Colors: earth tones, ivory silks, royal blues/navy
    purple, deep reds. Wall coverings silks.
    chandeliers led, indirect led ceiling lighting, Ceiling moldings and valances with gold lief.

    I wan elegance with CAT7 wiring, start of the art HVAC and lighting kitchen etc. Walk in closets
    Furniture reproductions and a mix of antiques.

    Please respond only if you can provide what I am looking for.

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