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60-Square-Meter Transformer Apartment Design Concept

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Architect Vlad Mishin created a cool design concept for a 60-square-meter apartment in a transformer style. A small apartment in modern design features small space but includes all the necessary zones for living and even working. The room is divided with a metal-framed plywood partition that acts as a wall and a unit for a TV and a kitchen. When necessary the partition’s doors open and close to create a separate room or connect with the other half of apartment.

Small Transformer Apartment Concept

60-Square-Meter Transformer Apartment Design Concept

Transformer apartment design concept by Vlad Mishin

The partition divides the room into two halves, one of which is filled with public spaces like a living area, kitchen and dining and the other one with private zones like bedroom and a home office.

The partition also features some storage space like shelves for books and DVDs. A refrigerator and the entire kitchen are hidden from view thanks to the partition doors. A block with TV is rotating both ways so that it can face the living room as well as the bedroom allowing to enjoy a favorite movie from a stylish yellow sofa or a lounge chair with an ottoman.

The small-spaced apartment even includes a home office located in the bedroom. The bed itself is built into a system that includes a storage unit, a platform and steps for an easy bed access.

This is a great design concept, both practical and stylish. We especially love the hidden kitchen. All areas have their own purpose and place and the partition offers various solutions to a ‘lack of space’ problem. It’s also very interesting in design as it’s angular shape makes it look interesting and eye-drawing.

Take a look at this amazing transformer apartment and tell us what do you think about it?

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