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Russian Folklore Interior in Moscow Apartment

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Denis Perestoronin created a true Russian hut in his downtown apartment in Moscow. The goal of the owner was not just a desire to make a unique design. It is a complete reflection of his life, interests and professional activities.

Russian Hut in Moscow Apartment

Living room and library sharing one parquet flooring

Living room and library sharing one parquet flooring

Denis Perestoronin is an antique dealer specializing in Russian icons and folk art, collector and connoisseur of famous manuscripts, archival material, early printed books and icons.

Denis’s apartment is located in the typical housing estate. When he bought the apartment, it was an unkempt space with fluorescent light and plasterboard ceiling. But there were some values among these fragments: living room retained decorative plaster moldings of the beginning of the 20th century, dining room and bedroom retained the original parquet flooring.



His new interior design was based on his dream: Dennis dreamt not of a house in the Russian style, but of a real Russian traditional house.

To do this, he brought an entire wall of the 19th century to Moscow, and set it in his apartment. Now the wall separates the living room from the library.

The living room is furnished with antiques and traditional icons. The library has books in wall niches, in which can be seen in the Russian 17th century dwellings. These two spaces share expressive new parquet floor designed by Perestoronin.

When Denis could not find an antique item that he needed, he often created it himself. So, he painted a door and the front housing the kitchen cabinets by hand to suit a group of folk art objects, which was already in his collection.

He built the arched window in the bedroom, and set the restored wooden ceiling of a village house.

The house is filled with interesting things, such as a wooden table and 17th-century antiques in Petr I Baroque style. One of the brightest objects is a stove of the 18th century finished with blue and white faience. He found it dismantled and had to spend years to track tiles to fill in the gaps and restore its working condition.

Unique kitchen

Unique kitchen


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