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Female Mini Duplex Loft Interior

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The owner of this wonderful apartment is an advertising agent. This apartment is small in size, but has a major advantage over most other – two levels. She wanted to create an interior full of comfort on each of the floors. Her new home seemed too isolated to the hostess, because it was originally divided into several rooms. Designer Belen Ferrandiz helped to create an illusion of a single space and implement there the visions of the owner about trendy accommodation.

Mini Duplex Loft for Woman

Mini-loft decorated by Belen Ferrandiz

Mini-loft decorated by Belen Ferrandiz 

Loft style, which has been selected for the interior, is often perceived as “male”, “brutal”, “industrial”. Women, as a rule, rarely give it preference. But the owner of this apartment offered the designer to do “women’s loft”, which is not devoid of grace and reflects her creative nature.

Minimalist approach to color and materials, combined with design furniture – is, in this case, not a way to show the creativity of the designer, but a fine-tuned solution. Meanwhile the interior has turned fashionable and cozy at the same time, filled with light and air.

When designing the interior every corner was laid out. Bright colors were chosen for the main details of the whole apartment. This visually expands the space and makes it lighter. Old laminate was replaced with oak parquet, which made the apartment look more luxurious.

Glass is a key element in the design of this loft. It enhances “lightness” of the interior. The following interior items were made of glass: the door between the kitchen and the living room, the partition separating the kitchen from the stairs to the 2nd floor, the baffle plate on the 2nd floor and the countertop of the dining table.

The apartment begins with the dining room, passing in the living room, from which you can get to the kitchen or to the second floor, which looks like a “balcony”. It is walled off by glass walls. It offers an amazing view of the living-dining room.

Living room

Living room color scheme is based on the contrast of white and gray. This creates a sense of harmony and balance. Bright stuff (pictures, pillows, blankets) enliven the room, adding to her dynamism.

Dining room

Besides the color contrast between accent wall of bluish-gray wallpaper with fine silky texture and virtually weightless outboard rack, attention is drawn to the unusual lamp and the base of the table made of brushed metal.


Game of light and dark contrasts visually separates the kitchen into a work and a dining area. The work area has white walls and furniture; in the dining area has a bar counter and a couple of bright stools.


The bedroom is located on the second level. And again, there is a union of white with darker accent wall. Gray walls, metal furniture and modern fixtures bring spirit of urbanism,  but bright bedspread and pillows dilute the monochromatic range, reflecting the bright personality of the hostess. Wooden doors of the built-in cabinets visually make the room warmer.

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