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Courteney Cox’s Luxurious Malibu Home in Elle Decor

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Courteney Cox has shown her new and remodeled Malibu abode to Elle Decor telling about her part in redesigning new home. Courteney Cox’s new luxury Malibu home of 1950s has gone through remodeling and looks fresh, modern and yet quiet welcoming.

Courteney Cox's Luxurious Malibu Home in Elle Decor

The house has a tennis court, guest cottages, a screening room, and a swimming pool filled with salt water. Stylish patio with a table fireplace and glass walls overlooks the ocean offering beautiful views while other outdoor lounge areas sit under the trees on the sunny side.

Since the previous owners had a taste for darker color schemes the actress decided to redesign her new home to “look like a modern barn.” Thus the house looks so warm and yet ultra modern with sleek angles and sharp design solutions.

All rooms have gray tones in the color scheme but the main color is mostly white. The floors and some walls or parts of walls are are made of wood and stone. The fireplace in the living room is surrounded by different size stone blocks that stretch to the ceiling. The glass walls and doors let a lot of natural light in adding warmth to the design.

I’ve been overseeing renovations of my homes for a long time, and I have strong opinions about what I want and why

said the actress, while her architect has shared about Courteney Cox’s design solutions:

Courteney got the company to bring a sample of the pigments of every color they had, along with some paintbrushes and paper plates. Everyone on the building team worked on mixing the pigments into new combinations. She had to get it exactly right.

She has also picked all shades you can see in the design. There is lots of artworks decorating the walls too while the feature wall in the dining table says the word LOVE thrice in black against the white background. Courteney Cox’s new home looks really great, it’s modern but lived-in and beautiful.

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