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10 Amazing Penthouses Around The World

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Penthouse is often associated with luxury. It’s no wonder since penthouses are usually luxurious and grand in their architecture and design. Eventhough it’s called an apartment, a penthouse is definitely more than that. Sometimes occupying more than two floors, a penthouse can be spacious or can be built atop of the building separate from the walls providing the home with roof access, personal swimming pool and even a garden.

Penthouses are often luxurious but there are more modest ones as well. They have amazing views thanks to their location at the top of the building and allow the residents enjoy the city, the waterfront and other types of landscapes. In some penthouses the apartment access can be private and the views simply vertigious. Take a look at ten amazing penthouses around the world.

Penthouses From Across The World

Penthouse in London

10 Amazing Penthouses Around The World

Architect Richard Hywel Evans of Studio RHE designed this amazing futuristic loft in London. The 8,000 square foot structure is made of steel-framed glass in curved trapezoid shapes which makes for a quite futuristic look which is enhanced with blue lighting.

The interior of the penthouse is designed in contemporary style with glossy finishes that complement the glass walls and black and white color scheme. There is a grass-covered terrace and a couple of chaise longues for outdoor lounging.

Skyloft Penthouse in New York

10 Amazing Penthouses Around The World

Worth $45 million this Skyloft penthouse apartment is located in a 1920s Art Deco building. Boasting 7,500 square feet it was designed James Carpenter Design Associates in glass which provides amazing views of the city.

The interior is a work of Rogers Marvel Architects who decided on clean modern retro style, luxury materials and colorful curtain dividers. The house is finished with wooden floors, glass staircase, and stone bathtub and shower wall.

Penthouse in Vancouver

10 Amazing Penthouses Around The World

Located at the waterfront of Yaletown this penthouse provides with the beautiful views from all the sides. Designed by Feenstra Architecture it features 5,234 square feet and an ultra modern interior design with a fireplace, glass wine storage, and a spiral staircase.

The color scheme is dark featuring gray and black colors enhanced with red accents in the dining and bedroom. The bathroom is designed entirely in red mosaic tiles balanced out with some light square tiles and a white vanity.

Falcon’s Nest Penthouse in Moscow

10 Amazing Penthouses Around The World

This minimalist Penthouse in the Sokolinoye Gnezdo apartment complex in Moscow is a project of APK-STUDIO. The white color scheme makes for a light and airy atmosphere with orange accents in form of floor vases.

The flooring is designed in light wood while the furnishings are offwhite, the walls are pristine white which all together makes the design look clean and uncluttered. The framed windows provide views of the city and plenty of sky.

Penthouse in Victoria

10 Amazing Penthouses Around The World

Designed by Smith Designs this penthouse in Victoria, Canada is a modern luxury home with dark furnishings and amazing views. The open plan has the areas divided with help of furniture arrangement.

The living area is brought close to the windows while the dining features an area rug that accentuates it as a different zone. The kitchen and sitting area are divided with a sofa that is placed with its back to the kitchen, which floors are made in stone.

Penthouse in Shenzhen

10 Amazing Penthouses Around The World

This duplex penthouse in Shenzhen, China boasts 6 ,630 square feet, which also accomodate an indoor tree. The two-story residence has amazing views of the city and an outdoor terrace with chaise longues and planter pots.

The interior is designed in dark brown wood and stone tiles. The outdoor wood terrace leads to the swimming pool and features a sitting area furnished with cozy seats and an interesting fire pit.

Penthouse in Stockholm

10 Amazing Penthouses Around The World

This Stockholm penthouse is a home nad studio to artist Carouschka Streijffert. The white color scheme makes for an airy feel but the design is modern and practical. The studio features an amazing window that transitions into a skylight.

The penthouse also features an amazing round-shaped library with small skylights and arched windows. There are many other interesting interior architecture details in this penthouse as well.

Art Deco Penthouse in San Francisco

10 Amazing Penthouses Around The World

This one sits atop an Art Deco building and has an area 3,879 square feet with huge ceilings and windows. We wrote about it in our 5 Amazing Art Deco Interior Designs post.

One of the penthouse’s most amazing features is a framed glass ceiling which provides plenty of natural light and adds even more grandeur to the tall windows and columns.

Penthouse in Berlin

10 Amazing Penthouses Around The World

This one is curious. Designed by LecaroliMited the penthouse features mirrored kitchen unit, sitting, and fireplace. The rest of the design is neutral and only the cushions at the sitting are done in orange velour enhanced with aqua throw pillows.

To add more color to the decor the main area features artworks while the other rooms are designed with monochrome stripes and green color scheme.

Penthouse in Johannesburg

10 Amazing Penthouses Around The World

Another penthouse that we wrote about is this luxury abode designed by SAOTA and OKHA Interiors. Modern design is enhanced with abundant art piece and works as well as interesting decorations.

We haven’t included quite a number of other penthouses but be sure to check later for a special post about New York penthouses.

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