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Loft Apartment Interior Design Ideas

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Loft apartment has a great asset such as open space. It is both great because the space allows creating non-standard room boundaries as well as it has plenty of natural lighting. The lack of walls and dividers though may not seem as an asset to you but on the other hand you can experiment with the space however you want. You can display your interior design skills or other things you’d like your guests to see as your artworks or craftwork.

Loft Apartment Interior Design Ideas

Go With What You Have

If your loft has an unfinished industrial look you can create original interior design with old city feel by putting on posters, retro ads and such. Metallic and steel surfaces will add some edge to the rough unfinished brick walls. Big windows that are common to loft apartments allow a lot of natural lighting in so putting around some mirrors will be a great way to visually enhance the space if you need to.

Use Creative Dividers

Glass walls with running waterfalls and flowerbeds are great creative dividers of space between the “rooms”. You can also change flooring not only by using different materials but also adding levels and stairs of various height like in the picture above. These are great for having room for more interior accessories such as ornate bowls, vases and figurines.

Play With Contrast

The contrast between harsh industrial look and smooth vintage lines of furniture looks great. If you are finishing your loft by stopping up and painting walls leave the beams or ceiling unfinished to preserve the retro look of your apartment and playing this great contrast.

You can use various lighting for the loft apartment but the most common is track lights. In case if you have tall ceiling long pendant lamps would look very impressive.

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