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Spanish Designer’s Home Design

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Sofía Calleja is a talented Spanish designer. She is engaged in the design of furniture and interior decoration. She loves bright colors and unusual combinations. In this article you will see her own home. There is a similarity of design in different rooms within one house. But each of the rooms has its own unique charm, and the interior generally looks complete and harmonious.

Home Design of Sofía Calleja

Sofía Calleja, Spanish designer

Sofía Calleja, Spanish designer

Sofia has created a subtle cocktail of modern techniques and classic elements. Among the traditional items there were selected only those ones, which really fascinate (a classic chairs and luxurious antique desk in a large living room). Harmonious combination of colors make the house looks very optimistic, but does not violate the rules of good taste. The designer used all means of expansion of space (large windows, a variety of mirrors, glass surfaces).


Hall is a wonderful example of modern gourmet brevity. Elegant snowy stairs, glass shelves, geometric compact cabinets, mirrored wardrobe doors make the space look almost weightless.

Dining room

Dining room, which sometimes acts as a private living room, is executed in conjunction with warm and rich colors: emerald green, olive, sand, ocher. Decor is the most diverse: Japanese painting, luxurious carpet with floral pattern and unusual shape chandelier. There are also unique items: corals, an outlandish crystal and a bright handmade vase.

Perhaps the most dramatic detail is a mirror in a modular frame, painted in emerald color. At some point it seems like there are decorative partitions between rooms. But precisely because of this “illusion” this very small room seems more spacious than it actually is.

Large living room

Living room, like the rest of the house, can be called optimistic. Bright, but not flashy colors are dominating here. Many items are made according to her sketches, for example, an upholstered table in the middle of the room, a couple of puffs and a sofa. She has modern furniture and antiques in the living room.

Bedroom, wardrobe, bathroom

The bedroom has white walls, which contrast with a red blanket. A chandelier was created according to Sofia’s sketch. Dressing is also almost completely white, but with accent boxes and pillows. The bathroom reflects the hostess’s representation of the perfect relaxation.

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