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Glamorous Halloween Decor Ideas

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If you’re tired to see the same picture of orange pumpkin, black spiders, and cobweb every year maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit. Maybe it’s time for Halloween to become more about decor than decorations. If that makes sense. In other words, let’s glam it up and make it a bit high brow.

Glamorous Halloween Decor Ideas

Glam pumpkins

Pumkins. Paint, Don’t Carve

Painting your purmpkins instead of carving them will give you some many new decorative options. You can paint them black of white, or you can cover them with glitter. You can also wrap them into old lace stockings or bedazzle them with old jewelry or accessories.

Skull Vase

Use your fake skull as a vase for some autumn blooms. These will definitely kmlake your Halloween decor more lively and bright. You can also decorate the skulls with rhinestones and pearls rather than fake cobwebs and blood.

Use Metallics

Metallic finishes are always glam so if your decor needs a bit of glamour a gold or silver accessories is all you really need.


Candelabra i super glam, classy, and chic. Instead of going for modern candle holders invest in a few candelabra to place around the house.

If you think that glamorous Halloween decor can’t be scary, it’s only a matter of perception. You can leave plenty of unexpected gory surprises for guests to find around the house. Imagine how scared they will be when they don’t really suspect it.

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