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Flowers in Eggshell

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The idea of ​​such an unusual Floristry could be used for Easter. But on the other spring days this original flower arrangement will be no less relevant. However, why only in the spring? Every housewife can find eggs in the kitchen. And we also can find a place and time for creative ideas.

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Flowers in egg shell in spring decor

Flowers in eggshell in spring decor

Ease of implementation and original look of a bunch of flowers is what you get in only 5-10 minutes. If you want to see how to use your imagination, then take a look at 9 ideas of flower décor in egg shells, which we collected in this article.

The most curious thing is that such compositions can be created even with the participation of houseplants or herbs.

There are a variety of ways to prepare eggs’ shells for the role of “egg vases”:

–          For boutonnieres of a single flower it is enough to pierce the egg at the top of the egg, slightly widen the hole, get the egg empty, and then rinse the shell;

–          If you are going to fill the shell with soil before you place a flower (eg, for indoor or garden plants) or any decorative filler, then the best shell should be divided into 2 parts (in this case one of them is desirable to do a little larger, and use the larger part);

–          If you are going to decorate a guest’s plate with a flower threaded through the egg shell, make a through hole at the ends of the egg of the relevant diameter for a flower stem.

–          If you love craftwork, eggshells can be further decorated by crafts. And if you have exotic eggs of extra large sizes, you can turn them into big floral compositions, which are no worse than in a real vase.

–          Pour water into the egg shell and put a flower  in it;

–          Fill the shell with soil, place a flower it it and decorate the top with a pattern made of branches, leaves, sisal, etc.;

–          Pass the flower through the eggshell, and if desired, add a ribbon and put it on a napkin.

–          Put a miniature bunch of flowers on a guest’s plate.  It can be placed in the egg cup for stability;

–          Make a composition in the center of the table, for example, on a tray decorated with grass; or in the “nest” of twigs or paper shavings.

Herbs in egg shell in spring decor

Herbs in eggshell in spring decor

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