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How to Freshen Up Home Architecture

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Architectural details can add special appeal to a home prompting more ideas for interior and exterior decorating. Arches, flights, wall details as well as ceiling treatments can make the home decor look more textured and rich. Minimalism can still be present but the trim work and details will freshen up the home giving it a makeover and may be even a whole new look.

Trim Work

How to Freshen Up Home Architecture

Trim work can give a house a whole new look. Fresh, new, more textured and ornate. Choose what area lacks that kind of texture. Is it the walls or the ceiling? Maybe a little bit for both. Try not to overdo and choose carefully what goes well with what. Wall dressing can be used instead of wall art while the ceiling medallion will decorate it without overwhelming the room.

Arches & Doors

How to Freshen Up Home Architecture

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An arched doorway can make an impact and totally change the style of the interior or exterior. A beautiful door can also freshen up the home from inside and out. On the other hand, you can try to implement an open layout design by removing the doors and placing beautiful flowing curtains or decorative screens and partitions instead.

Columns & Windows

How to Freshen Up Home Architecture

Some homes were not build with the columns but there can be faux finishes that will give the interior that grand atmosphere the columns provide. Different window frames and treatment from inside and out will also freshen up the home.


How to Freshen Up Home Architecture

If there is no way it is possible to add or change architectural details at home try adding structural accessories to it. Think textured framed mirrors, ornate cabinets or shelves or lamps. These will freshen up the home decor giving it a nice structural detail that will catch the eye.

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