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Garden and House by Ryue Nishizawa. Part 2

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Our readers asked to write a little bit more on house in Tokyo by an architect Ryue Nishizawa. This house is famous for its unusual open construction and beautiful gardens growing on the balconies. Private and opened at the same time, this house is truly unique.

Many have criticized such a building for lack of comfort for its owners in winter, or extremely hot summer. Is this wonderful construction really so inconvenient? Let’s have a look inside this building.

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Garden and House by Ryue Nishizawa

Entering the house, we find ourselves in quite a closed and private area. From outside the ground floor is surrounded by beautiful trees and bushes in pots. It has a proper wall made of glass and curtains. So, despite seeming openness, this building does have rooms closed from prying eyes. Rather reasonably, dining room, kitchen and what seems like a living room are located here. Family life is going on behind solid walls and curtains.

Now we move upstairs. At the second floor a bathroom is surrounded by walls. Second floor also has curtains and pots with greenery hiding bathroom from neighbors. In fact, I doubt anyone would discover bathroom not really knowing, it’s there. Bathroom is located so that you get straight to it after coming upstairs.

After a brief look at nice flowers and enjoying soft wind, we go to the third floor. Again, right by the staircase we find a room enclosed by walls. This is a tiny bedroom among flourishing garden. Something like a tiny piece of home comfort among the green forest. Mostly, floors in this buildings aren’t quite different from the ones in any other building. But the rest of the areas have got soil, so owners and visitors are offered to wear slippers to enter these places.

Our small excursion comes to a lyrical ending. We come to the fourth floor, that remains a decent backyard garden. It lacks almost all furniture except for a small table and a few chairs to enjoy reading a good book while having a cup of green tea. But if you miss blue sky above your head, come up to the roof and enjoy complete freedom.

What can we say? This house definitely is not designed for those who aren’t fond of nature but those, who appreciate fresh air and greenery it is invaluable gift. This house gives necessary minimum of privacy to its owners alond with maximum of freedom and open air.

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