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How To Decorate Mantel

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Fireplace is one of the focal points of the room, many time it is the main focal point. Mantel piece is a shelf that sometimes requires decorating. Mantel is easy to decorate. Think of it as a shelf and put anything you like on it. It can be flowers, clock, pottery, or figurines. Some use mantel for seasonal and holiday decor.

How To Decorate Mantel

Seasonal Decor

It is easy to bring in the seasonal mood into the house with mantel piece decor. Spring flowers or autumn leaves can not only make great mantel decor but solve the problem of seasonal decor. Holiday decor can also be emphasized with the mantel decorations. Set Halloween or Christmas mood with mantle decor.


Flowers is an easy decoration especially if you own a garden. A couple of small vases with flowers will add freshness and beauty to the decor. You can also use pressed dry leaves in frames as wall decor above the mantel or make a flower wreath instead. Dry tree branches can be used as mantel decorations in vases or simply on their own.


Beautiful mirror in an ornate or stylish modern frame is a simple wall decor solution. But you can also use an artwork, framed portraits or an art piece. The wall above the mantel can be left clean but if it looks too empty consider some of these decor solutions.

Display Items

Beautiful dishes, decorative vases and bowls, stained glassware, pretty candlesticks and pottery – all can be used as display items on the mantel. Arranged beautifully these pieces can add detail to the decor. These can also be the things you’re proud of or souvenirs you brought from travels.


Decorative figurines or clock can be a great addition to the mantel piece. Choose the figurines that fit the mood or style of the room. Do not clutter the mantel though, otherwise it will look messy. Arrange objects of different size and height to make them look interesting and eye catching.

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