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New Building for Yacht Club de Monaco

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While Zaha Hadid develops projects of yachts and art boats of the future, sir Norman Foster built a “ship-house” for these futuristic ships in the present. The multifunctional complex for the most powerful yacht club in Europe, created by him jointly with the architect Alexandre Giraldi, is located in the heart of the renewed harbor in Monte Carlo. It was built on a drained plot of land during the development of the existing marina. It may receive a number of sailboats and mega yachts.

New Ship Looking Building for Yacht Club de Monaco

Yacht Club de Monaco in Monte Carlo

Yacht Club de Monaco in Monte Carlo

This reclaimed piece of land near the sea is in fact the micro-town. And this town is very independent. It is preserving its heritage and status, which, in particular, occur in the atmosphere of a cruise liner of the 1st half of the XX century created there. The club uses renewable energy sources: there are photovoltaic panels, solar collectors and cooling facilities using seawater. This autonomy is not surprising, because the main objective of the project is to make a yacht club the center of the “community” with its schools, parks, offices, restaurants and shops. Even the interior layout is based on a system of “streets” separated on places intended for members, public and administrative space.

A glazed atrium (entrance lobby) contains a front spiral staircase and passes through the “ship”, framing views of the harbor and the prince’s palace. On the ground floor there is a club room, bar and restaurant. Lower at the waterfront there is a rowing club and sailing school, higher – double-height ballroom, and above it there is a flat of a club secretary and “cabins” for visiting dignitaries. Rooms for various events are arranged at the top. Corbels on each floor form open “deck” with views of the sea and on the “Formula 1” track. Fully glazed facades are protected against sun by the system of outdoor blinds. And deck is protected by awnings supported with masts. Outdoor ladders connect basic tiers of the building.

A landscaped park is arranged on the roof of the school. It is  adjacent to the exhibition hall and connected by footpath leading from the promenade to the Casino Square. Restaurants and shops are constructed at the harbor in the lower part of the building. All this has helped a huge “liner” to fit into the urban landscape.

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