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New Exterior Design Of Louis Vuitton Store In Tokyo

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First French luxury goods company Louis Vuitton opened its store in Tokyo, Japan in 1998. Back then it already outstood other boutiques and stores with its limestone facades and classy show windows. Louis Vuitton has become a cult phenomenon for young women shoppers in Tokyo. There are 48 Louis Vuitton stores in Japan alone. This year a Japanese architect Jun Aoki from Arata Isozaki & Associates has created a new amazing exterior design for the Louis Vuitton store in the middle of the business district.

New Exterior Facade Of Louis Vuitton Store By Jun Aoki


The Louis Vuitton store is located in a leading department store Matsuya Ginza in one of the world’s famous fashion streets. They serve their customers for 80 years and you cand find anything there from worldwide luxury brands to Japan’s top products and traditional handicrafts. The LV store combines the nature of boundaries between a structured interior and a messy business district outdoors.

The new exterior was inspired by the history of Ginza, the city that used to be the entrance of Tokyo and known for its art deco design. The very first railway station of Japan went from Ginza, leading to the foreign countries. Jun Aoki says that the idea for the new exterior facade was derived from art deco patterns and was based on Louis Vuitton’s damier, which is a repeated geometric pattern.

The new facade reveals various appearances in sunlight during the day time, and during the night time the LED lights behind the walls light up and give the facade another expression that imitate Louis Vuitton’s monogram. The main wall produces an amazing mirage effect of appearing and disappearing “Louis Vuitton” sign.

Main materials that Jun Aoki used inside the store are leather, fine woods and limestone. There is a bag bar counter with stools, shoe salon, luggage lounge, and a dance floor with LED screens playing videos of seasonal motifs like cherry blossoms, autumn leaves, and snowflakes. The store is opened til 11 pm and it is one of the favorites among Japanese shoppers.

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