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Private Villa in Wild Africa

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This is Leobo Private Reserve, a luxurious private villa located in Limpopo in South Africa, and surrounded by the beautiful landscape and the picturesque view for many miles around. This private villa is located on 12,000 acres of land, and accommodate up to 26 guests at a time. Residents and visitors can enjoy the villa and the landscape at any time.

Leobo Private Reserve Villa in Wild African Desert

Leobo Private Reserve

Leobo Private Reserve

The villa is surrounded by the African wilderness, and its proximity to the African desert makes it so unique and amazing. You can find there a luxurious outdoor pool and several outdoor areas designed for entertainment and recreation.

In addition to its unique location in the African desert, the villa has still quite beautiful architecture and comfortable interior. It was designed by architects Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens. 12,000 acres of land, surrounding the villa, are privately owned, and are fully available for guests. So they can fully enjoy the amazing adventures.

You have the opportunity to admire the scenery in all its splendor even while swimming in the pool. The surrounding landscape is certainly fascinating, but the interior of the villa is no less impressive. A fireplace is just perfect for relaxation. It creates a very cozy and warm atmosphere.

The entire interior decoration is made in a natural color palette. And it is designed to be comfortable and attractive. The color pallet is mostly neutral and organic, but there are shades of bright accents. The main living area is huge and has several functions. Each small detail in the interior has been selected carefully.

The villa has a fully automated tower – Observatory, where you can admire the night sky. Overall, this is a truly amazing place.

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