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Ceiling Decor: Rhombus System By The Fundamental Group

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Ceiling may often feel empty and bland especially if there is no molding and structural design. If your ceiling is simple and even Rhombus System designed by The Fundamental Group is just what you need to jazz up your decor.

Rhombus System Makes For Great Ceiling Decor

Rhombus System By The Fundamental Group

Rhombus System tile by The Fundamental Group

Rhobus System is an ultime DIY-er tile kit that comprises polystyrol angle-shaped tiles that can be used to decorate a wall or a ceiling. But since walls often get more attention than ceilings we especially these examples of Rhobus System ‘in work’. Probably the best thing about these tiles is that you can paint them yourself as well as install them using an adhesive recommended by the brand.

Using your imagination you can create medalions of whatever shape and design you wish as well as add some textured accents made from same tiles in the corners and on the walls as suggested by The Fundamental Group.

Rhombus System By The Fundamental Group

Ceiling medallion created with Rhombus system by The Fundamental Group

One set of white Rhombus System will cost you 160 Euros plus the delivery and adhesive expenses. They come in two sizes and in dimensional rhombus shape.

The brand also offers a range of other whimsical products including lighting, fruit bowls, and some furniture pieces. Though made of simple materials like wood and paper their designs feature detail thanks to the play of shapes and different elements on which the design is based on.

Rhombus System can make for great architectural details to add to a simple house. They are also playful and can be painted in any color or colors. Use them as a way to trasform your room and add detail to it. A ceiling medallion is always pleasing to look at.

What do you think about Rhombus System? Any ideas yet?

Rhombus System By The Fundamental Group

Rhombus System by The Fundamental Group

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