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5 TOP European Designers

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When we are going to do extensive remodeling in our apartments, it is best to invite a professional designer. And if the designer has also extensive experience, as well as a fairly well-known, that is the reason to expect better results. We present the 5 best European designers.

5 TOP European Furniture and Interior Designers

Fabio Novembre

Fabio Novembre

Fabio Novembre

Fabio Novembre has been known as a “young Italian designer” for a long time. Even in his forty-plus, he is still in TOP list of hopefuls. If we talk about specific works, Fabio has long justified those hopes. And if you talk globally (as he likes), thanks to Novembre we can still hope that the modern design is not just assembly-line production of furniture, but the real factory of dreams.

Philippe Starck

If Stark was born several centuries earlier, he probably would have been a preacher. Due to missionary activity Starck’s design has become a modern religion, where tables and chairs serve as icons, and the interiors are equal to the temples. But most importantly, he did not just produce a new cult, but made ​​it publicly available.

Konstantin Grcic

As a real “gray cardinal”, Grcic is very powerful. His bizarre things are in the collections of all the major brands from Moroso to ClassiCon. The designer was born in Germany and lives and works in Munich. Konstantin is a pragmatist. He believes that designers should not dream of a bright future, as they did in the first half of the twentieth century, but to solve the pressing problems of everyday life.

Patricia Urquiola

Patricia studied to be an architect, but she does not build houses. She also does not decorate interiors. She can rarely make an exception just for “cute, touching people”. Urquiola is an opponent of interiors made ​​on the basis of the children’s tinker toys. She prefers a “family” of diverse, but well combined items instead of modular systems.

Alfredo Häberli

Alfredo makes compact objects, because he and his wife live in a small house in Zurich. And after the birth of his son he became interested in design for children. Häberli works exactly like a Swiss watchmaker. While designing wire chair for ClassiCon, he was the first designer who arranged the lattice seat in the longitudinal rather than the transverse direction. It is much more convenient to sit on this chair.

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