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Decorating Home In Gossip Girl Style

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Gossip Girl is definitely about style. It’s obvious from the actor’s clothes but there are also interiors to look at. While I personally haven’t watched the show the shots from the set can certainly inspire some decorating endeavors.

Decorating Home In Gossip Girl Style

For instance the loft in the series with brick walls and metallic beams at the ceiling is designed in retro/vintage style with a turquoise tufted sofa, 50’s-style diner seats at the breakfast area, and a retro brown leather chair.

Decorating Home In Gossip Girl Style

The Van Der Woodsen residence features also has a retro/pop art flair to it with the minimalist furniture and cream yellow walls. The dining area features 1958 Cherner armchairs and Spin candelabra by Tom Dixon while the living room features a pop art style artwork as a focal point. The fashion-forward home office features a $2,889 Eames Chair upholstered in a Missoni fabric.

Decorating Home In Gossip Girl Style

The Waldorf residence is lavish and opulent decorated in gold and red colors. The luxurious dining room features upholstered Ghost chairs that are toned-down thanks to the cushions to suit the vintage style of the room.

See more Gossip Girl interiors at the show’s set designer Christina Tonkin’s website.

Gossip Girl Interiors by Christina Tonkin

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