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Creative Multifunctional Morfeo Sofa by Domodinamica

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Italian design company Domodinamica creates modern and bold furniture for contemporary homes. Their creative multifunctional sofa “Morfeo” is incredible. Multifunctional furniture can be so bold and creative. The Morfeo Sofa by Domodinamica is equipped by two side lamps that allow you read at nights but this is not all. Morfeo can also be unfolded into a double-size bed.

Creative Multifunctional Morfeo Sofa by Domodinamica

Morfeo Sofa in light green looks like some kind of creature but the sofa is called in the name of the God of sleep – Morpheus. It’s is great for adding a splash of color to your interior design as well as providing a spare sleeping space for guests. If you live in a small-spaced/one-room apartment its space-saving design can make your interior both interesting and functional.

The Morfeo Sofa is also available in red color and the lights are equipped with switches. Domodinamica also has some creative multifunctional furniture pieces that include a rotating chair, Swing and upholstered foam blocks for seating, Hi Pouff.

Creative Multifunctional Morfeo Sofa by Domodinamica

There is lots of creative multifunctional furniture out there. From armchairs to tables you can use it to sit, store, and decorate while saving precious space. Hi Pouff by Domodinamica consists of the upholstered foam blocks that can be stacked and moved and rearranged any minute. Such furniture can be useful when you need more sitting space. And when you want to free up some space just stack them and voila, more free space and there is still a place to sit.

Take a look at the cozy Morfeo Sofa made from polyurethane resin upholstered with light green fabric by Domodinamica in the gallery below:

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