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Interesting Color Scheme Tips

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Today we look into smart and interesting color schemes for home. Black and white maybe a stylish classic but there are many more interesting options. Choosing an interesting color scheme can be tiring. There are so many beautiful hues and shades, so many possible mixes and combinations, sheen and textures. Color possibilities are truly limitless. So here are a few ideas on how to choose and match colors to create interesting color schemes for your home.

Interesting Color Schemes For Home

Colors Of Same Family

Colors of the same family or complementary ones can work great together. For example, yellow and orange hues mixed with neutral cream. Complementary shades should still have a bit of contrast to work well together and can be used in details like curtains, throw pillows, or in color blocks in wall decor.

Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors that go well with each other are meant to create bright and energetic decor. There are pretty common color schemes made of bright colors that are often used in interior design like lime green and bright pink, purple and blue, black and white but there is a huge variety of hues and tones and shades that can be used to create a interesting color scheme like in this unusual bedroom above – gray,, white, yellow and aqua.

Brights & Neutrals

Brights and neutrals can make a great color scheme. Try adding not simple whites and blacks into your color scheme but other hues and tones of different intensity and see what works best.

Color Texture

There is more to an interesting color scheme than just colors and hues. Depending on the wall paint or furniture finish the colors will differ in texture and sheen. Some will be glossy or metallic, others mat and grained. Depending on materials some colors will stand out more than others and it’s up to you to decide which ones will dominate and which ones will act as supporting.

Solids & Patterns

Colors also come in patterns mixed with other hues and shades. This can enrich your color scheme or make a bold accent. Patterns can also help to make a certain color standout from the rest. An unexpected twist in a color scheme is a definitely an eye-catcher that makes the whole picture stand out.

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