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Unusual Lace in Interior Design

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Interior design ideas are becoming more and more creative. The walls and even room dividers can be decorated in very surprising and unusual way. Introducing unusual lace in interior: concrete lace designed by Doreen Westphal.

Concrete Lace Decor

Concrete Lace Décor

This unusual concrete lace is designed by Doreen Westphal , an Amsterdam based designer, from an ultra-high performance concrete “Quants”, made exclusively by German G.Tech concrete company. This amazing lace is made by crafting suspensions that are casted inside the lace-shaped concrete tiles. Aside from using high quality concrete, other different suspension materials, like steal cable and ribbons are used.

Concrete Lace is a very promising decor item. Currently, as a new thing in interior design, applications include gauzes for hotels, auditoriums and other public buildings, and in other ways. There are also other creative ways to use, as dividers in restaurants, and even urban gardens. Concrete lace varies by patterns and sizes, as it can be custom made exclusively for the client.Though this décor item cannot be cheap, its average cost reached up to 1500 euro.

The concept of concrete lace was developed from the old traditional Belgium lace designs. Doreen Westphal creatively transformed it to concrete form. Out of a mold with plexiglass and silicone, Westphal produced the suspensions by placing ribbons into mold and discharge it into concrete. The substance takes time to harden a 4 day period.

First introduced in Maison&Objet exhibition at Paris, France, the concrete lace is gaining its popularity worldwide. The idea despite its old lace Belgium pattern, the lace interlays the old and contemporary ideas. The Concrete Lace is a perfect balance between artistic patterns and gravity denying industrial machinery.

Concrete Lace Décor ideas

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