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Cozy Heaters “Brr” by Beata Faron

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Cold season is here and the weather is getting cooler by the day. Any chance to warm up in the cold evening should be met with enthusiasm, please welcome cozy heaters by Beata Faron. Aptly named “Brr” these woolen cozy tea set heaters by Beata Faron were specifically created for cold weathers.

Cozy Heaters

Tea set heaters are a clever solution for warming up during the cold season. Imagine coming from cold frozen outdoors into the homey warmth being offered a warm cup of tea or coffee in a cozy woolen heater which you can wrap your hands into without burning your frozen hands. Besides the drink must stay warmer longer.

Presented in the handle-less set of cups and teapot Beata Faron “Brr” heaters feature hand pockets to keep hands warm. The heaters don’t slide from the cups thanks to silicone band inside them. The heaters are knit from two-toned woolen yarn with textured pattern and folds for hands.

Tea cups and teapot heaters are not only functional. They can give the old or plain tea set a makeover and add a decorative touch to the kitchen or coffee table. Again the issue of handle-less cups can be easily solved with these heaters.

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