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Arbutus+Denman Presents Wall Buttons

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Any renovated room has got a face. It’s got nice body too but still something is missing. Probably, your room interior has not found its soul yet. All you need is some small but unique detail reflecting the mood of the whole interior design.

Wall Buttons by Arbutus+Denman

Wall Buttons

Wall Buttons

Warm Presents from Canada

Canadian designer studio Arbutus+Denman creates unusual accessories and décor elements for home. Their creations look quite promising and interesting. Just imagine: you have just finished redesigningyour room. Wallpaper is fresh, floors are just painted and new light is shining. But there is something missing – a small but significant detail. Arbutus+Denman offer a nice comfortable accessory – Wall Buttons.

Wooden Wall Buttons

They were born somewhere in the Canadian forest. Them they were brought to a plant and extracted from a tree trunk. They were shaped and polished by the hands of a professional carpenter and, finally, Wall Buttons come to bring warmth to your room. Each of them looks absolutely completely unique. Texture of every tree that has been changing through the years of growing and surviving among all the others gives special look to every button. Thus, your room obtains an outstanding design with atmosphere of pure home comfort.

Making of a Wall Button

Making of a Wall Button

Buttons and Interior

The walls in your room can be of any color. Wood is a very friendly material that goes along with most of colors. Of course, natural colors – like cream, white, beige, green, light blue or different shades of brown and yellow will make an ideal harmonious combination. Wall Buttons also go well with a wallpaper pattern, but in this case you have to think careful before choosing wallpaper. Floral or another natural motive is good. Pattern should serve as a background of the general interior rather than its accent. In this case wall buttons will become a lovely eye-catching detail.

Wall Buttons are a cute, but very simple detail for interior. According to a size you choose (small, middle or large), they can serve as a main accent or an accompanying detail. So, if you are still in search of something special and new for your interior, check out the Wall Buttons.

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