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Enmeshed With: The Fishermen Bowls by Olga Bielawska

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Olga Bielawska has created a series of ceramic bowls Enmeshed With: The Fishermen with the texture similar to fish scales. The different-sized bowls look interesting with this texture that was achieved through special glazing technique. The bowls’ glossy surface reminds of the fish scales or fishnet.

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Aptly named Enmeshed With: The Fishermen bowls’ textures are an interesting detail that is both tactile and visual. Subtle in their sea theme they would fit a coastal decor or add a sea theme notes to the modern style interior. The set is also featured in blue-white color scheme that shows off the fishnet pattern with life-like imperfections as if the net was torn or stretched.

Fishnet-Textured Bowls:

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