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Renewed Antique Plates by Angela Rossi

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Angela Rossi renews old plates giving them second life drawing things on them. Being a daughter of an antiques collector she naturally has many of those to redecorate. Using heat technique Angela Rossi has added a modern touch to these hand-painted antique plates. She decorated them with the images of animals and movie heroes.

Renewed Antique Plates by Angela Rossi

This is a great way to redecorate your old tableware. Just be sure your technique will endure the food and the temperature. If you want to do something creative that will not stick and wash away after couple of meals use it as an interior accessory, hang it on the wall, put it on display on the shelf or coffee table.

Some antique things are good as they are but if you see the whole picture of your renewed item then go for it, redecorate, repaint, recycle and be proud. What do you think about these renewed antique plates by Angela Rossi?

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