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Bedroom Design Ideas on Budget

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What’s the most expensive thing in a bedroom? Right, it’s bed and any furniture you are willing to have there. While you can’t really do it without bed, you sure can without any additional furniture. So let’s start with the essential part of the bedroom, which is bed. It doesn’t have to be expensive or big if you are living alone. Go with smaller modest beds like the one in the picture below. It will save you a bit money for the rest of your decor.

Bedroom Design Ideas on Budget

As for other furniture in the room, think about what you really need and what you really don’t need, if you plan to buy some chairs just for the bedroom but do not plan to use them, then what’s the point? Minimalist approach doesn’t take away from the bedroom’s decor if done right.

Bold colors brighten up the rooms in minimalist style. Use color blocking technique to jazz up your bedroom. A bit of imagination and paint work and voila your bold bedroom is ready. If your are, however, more into neutral and calm color schemes go with floral patterned wallpaper in neutral tones. It will not only enrich your bedroom but will also give it a warmer look. Of course, wallpaper is more expensive than certain paints both in terms of price and installation but in the long-run quality wallpaper can serve you for a long period of time.

Bedroom Design Ideas on Budget

Even if you want a calm bedroom be sure to add accents in deeper shades here and there in order to make it look stylish and finished. However, if you are all for minimalism and very short on budget go with this style letting your bedroom be only a place for sweet dreams and slumber. Get everything out except the most essential parts of the room like bed and a night table or lamp. Thus you can make the smallest room in the house a stylish minimalist room for rest and lounge where nothing will distract you from sleep.

Decorate walls. If you want more than just a slumber room get back to seeking cheap decorations that can be re-painted, re-cycled and re-made into unique pieces of art that you can enjoy in your bedroom. Yard sales and antique stores can provide you with tons of vintage statement pieces and decorations that you can re-decorate and jazz up your bedroom with. From mirrors to old paintings and plates with a bit of imagination and creativity you’ll have unique bedroom accessories. You can also use vinyl wall stickers that perfect for budget wall decoration.

Bedroom Design Ideas on Budget

Handmade was always one of the budget ways to decorate your home. Patchwork, painting, re-cycling will all serve your decoration needs. Bold bedclothes or spread will make a statement in your bedroom decor. You can hang your own paintings on the walls and create various accessories for your bedroom.

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