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5 Cheese Accessories

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Cheese is a great appetizer. With the holidays fast approaching we are here to present the five great cheese tools and accessories to help you make cheese appetizers for your wine or dinner. Cheese is a delicious product. There are hundreds types of it and various ways of eating and serving. Here are the five great cheese accessories that make for great holiday gifts and holiday dinner table additions.

Cheese Tools & Accessories

Oak Cheese Grater

5 Cheese Accessories

The Oak Cheese Grater from Uncommon Goods is a cool one because it comes in the form of an oak box gathering all the grated cheese into a tiny drawer reducing mess and increasing convenience. It is now on sale for 9.99 but unfortunately the design was discontinued and when it sells out it won’t be restocked. You can find a similar product in Acacia wood from Enrico.

Bird Cheese Markers

5 Cheese Accessories

Bird Cheese Markers from the Beehive Kitchen are the lead free markers your guests can identify the various types of cheese with. The $ 54 package comes with a set of four and also includes paper labels which you can use to write or print on to make your own.

Newtone Vineyard “Puzzle” Tray

5 Cheese Accessories

Newtone Vineyard “Puzzle” Tray is a $499 handcrafted cheese and wine walnut tray that mimics the assymetrical Napa Valley’s terraced topography. Thetray comes with the coasters and compartments for dividing various wine acourtments.

Rosendahl – Grand Cru Cheese Knife

5 Cheese Accessories

Rosendahl – Grand Cru Cheese Knife from Panik Design is a beautiful and playful cheese knife made of mirror polished stainless steel. It is 22 cm in length and features chesse holes in its blade.


5 Cheese Accessories

FORMA from Georgjensen is set of a beautiful oak wood board designed in a curved shape and a wave-like stainless steel cheese knife. Forma can be used as a serving board and will add style to the dinner table.

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