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Adding Character To Bathroom With Shower Curtain

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Shower curtains aren’t what they used to be, in a good way. Plastic with dried water drops all over them shower curtains got a makeover and designer treatment and now you can choose from fabric, custom-made designs that aren’t only beautiful but also pleasant to the touch. Choosing the right shower curtain can add a lot of character to the bathroom interior.

Shower Curtain Adds Character to Bathroom

Madart Inc. Aqua Burn Shower Curtain

Madart Inc. Aqua Burn Shower Curtain


Forget the unsightly plastic with fabric waterproof curtains that come in a variety of colors and patterns as well as with a nice texture. You can also find silk and velvet curtains that will give the bathroom an ultra chic and luxury touch while cotton, hemp or linen will suit the shabby chic or rustic baths. Polyester might be a more budget-wise option.

If you are more practical and want something that is on the budget side but not as toxic as common vinyl or plastic there is an alternative such as EVA vinyl that is both eco-friendly and PVC-free. There is also another option – nylon. It’s mold-resistant and can serve as a material for fabric shower curtain liners.


Design-wise shower curtains are as diverse as bed linens. There are striped, floral, checkered patterns but there are also beautiful artsy and abstract drawings and designs you can choose from to add more flair to your bath. There are also tons of fun thematic designs that can help you smile after a long day on your way to the shower.


Rings or hooks, plastic or metal depends on the curtain design and your preference. Some shower curtains are treated with Teflon and other chemicals to resist mold growth and meldew so it’s especially important to think about shower curtain protection when buying fabric curtains. Plastic liners can work well protecting the fabric from exposure to water and soap and therefore mold.

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