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Soothing Dwell Teapot by Christopher Centers

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Dwell Teapot by Christopher Centers was designed to not only look stylish and decorate the room, but to sooth and calm while tea is steeping. Dwell Teapot is not about fast tea-making or solely about the design, Christopher Centers describes the Dwell concept as follows:

Soothing Dwell Teapot by Christopher Centers

dwell, is all about the experience of making tea and promoting a sense of calmness. My goal for this project was to push the limits of how we perceive the process of making tea as well as how the form can influence the traditional focus tea brings about.

In it’s upright position, dwell brings focus to the room. It’s unique form acts as a center piece, fitting comfortably on a dining room table or mantle. In the down position, dwell creates attention as well. The focus becomes on it’s nested form as you fill or pour.

The full experience comes from watching the tea infuse with water as the steeping basket travels through the water. One is intended to view this passing of time as a break from the day and an opportunity for personal reflection.

Dwell is definitely a great centerpiece that catches attention and can be used anywhere at home whenever one wants to relax, enjoy some time with oneself, think, and sip the hot fine drink. The Dwell also justifies its own name as the experience of watching the tea infuse makes one dwell in the process as if stopping the time around.

We love the design of Dwell. It’s modern and yet has a mystery to it in its unusual form and mechanism. What do you think about this soothing Dwell Teapot?

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2 Responses to “Soothing Dwell Teapot by Christopher Centers”
  1. Jesse Says:

    Nice design. I would love to have one for our studio!

  2. funke Says:

    wow l am speechless!this design is the “it” love it so much..been looking for a gift for my pastor who loves teas so much…Price pls?

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