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Car Furniture by LA Design Studio

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Polish LA Design Studio has created a furniture collection called Spirit of 427. The name of the collection was chosen to honor English sports car AC Cobra 427. The collection includes sofa made from front part of the car with the lights, armchair made from the back of the car, coffee and office tables made of 427’s hood and stainless steel standing lamp designed after 427’s exhaust.

Car Furniture by LA Design Studio

Such car furniture is not only luxurious and original, it is also very unique and stylish. The collection will soon be complemented by the large cabinet and wide office chair. Designer’s philosophy of this collection is pretty simply put:

Our top priority was to make as high quality aluminum body as possible.
We wanted to create something really unique that have the real spirit of 427!

We’ve got it – with handcrafting it from flat sheet metals and using original car parts.

Enjoy the amazing Spirit of 427 collection in the gallery below.

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