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Ideas for Office Equipment Wires

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Have you ever been in a situation when you looked for the power cord to recharge your iPad, book reader, phone or laptop in a hurry before leaving the house? Do you have a “headache” when you need to disconnect million wires (and then reconnect them)? Do you think that messy skein of wires under your desk is not most aesthetic or convenient? Well, then here are some ideas for storing and organizing your office equipment wires.

Ideas for Office Equipment and Gadgets Wires

Desk accessories for gadgets

Desk accessories for gadgets

There are tons of solutions for this small but vexing problem. We collected here some comfortable ideas of organizing office equipment and small gadgets.

You can find various accessories for office equipment wires and cords in stores. On one hand, many of them look stylish but, on the other hand, they will help you solve the perennial problem with cords and wires. At the same time, you can put your gadgets in order on the desktop. Cords also will be nearby but out of sight.

There are also interesting tools that include embedded sections for speakers and compartments for small items (of course, with holes for the wires). You can use boxes for charging phones, iPod, and other things. They can be found at online stores or even in stores like IKEA. You can also try to make them with your own hands, using a suitable box or a casket.

Pottery Barn stands for gadget charging and storage are a perfect solution. They look like a mini chest of drawers. They are compact and incredibly comfortable. They are available in 3 colors.

If you like handmade art, make a stylish cover with pockets for your laptop, using your old jeans. Such cover will be able to hold many necessary things.

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