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Top 5 Origami Inspired Designs

Origami craft has inspired many designers for creating beautiful objects, lighting and furniture. Replacing paper with other materials including wood and steel they create decorative pieces for home.

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Origami-inspired designs are interesting because they use the artful technique and apply it to create usable objects for home. This results in interesting and intricate shapes and lines that add structure and detail to the home decor. Here are the top 5 Origami inspired designs:

Top 5 Origami Inspired Designs

4foldlow table by George Rice for Formtank features a very intricate base laser-cut from a single sheet of steel and folded by hand.

Top 5 Origami Inspired Designs

Origami shelving unit/cabinet is an unusual storage system by Reflex-Angelo made of lacquered wood. Both playful and functional it can add detail and structure to the wall.

Top 5 Origami Inspired Designs

Cuptea designed by Lee Seo-jin is an Origami-inspired teabag + teacup design. The teabag unfolds into a beautiful disposable paper teacup.

Top 5 Origami Inspired Designs

Origami Chair by So Takahashi is both traditional and not. It has classic shape but made of metal folded in Origami art style.

Top 5 Origami Inspired Designs

Hana is a beautiful Origami-inspired table designed by Shige Hasegawa that features a plywood flower-shaped base and a glass tabletop. The five plywood legs that create a base for the table feature no screws or other mechanisms.

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