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3 Amazing Creative Сhandeliers

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The uniqueness of the interior of an apartments, office or home is the goal of many home owners, and that’s why we strive to buy pieces of furniture that will look exclusively and individually. Creative chandeliers may well act as independent elements of decor, improving comfort level of the entire room.

3 Amazing Сhandeliers from Different Designers

TechnoLUgy by Fabio Fornasier

TechnoLUgy by Fabio Fornasier 

Designer chandeliers can fill the room space with warm soft pleasant light, and create harmony between the light and the other elements of the interior. For example, a creative chandelier can blend in with the furniture of unusual shape or match colors of upholstered furniture. Although creative look of a chandelier is not always the main parameter, today we can’t neglect its appearance.

We present three amazing chandeliers that will be exactly the main subject of the interior decor.

The Pour

Designers Dara Huang and Lisa Hinderdael from Design Haus Liberty recently completed work on «The Pour», a chandelier in the form of droplets. The name comes from the shape of the chandelier: slow motion of water, poured from a carafe.

Design Haus Liberty began the process from exploring the rain and how unique each drop of water reflects the light. Just like in case with water: light falls, forming a “puddle” on the floor surface.

Designers worked with glassblowers from Britain and metal engineers to create crystal drops. Every drop is made by artisans, so that it could hold a lamp of the chandelier.

Wireflow collection of chandeliers

Designer Arik Levy created voluminous chandeliers using thin wires. Wireflow collection of chandeliers (designed for Vibia) was created through simplification to a refined, sophisticated design. The composition is formed by black lines that go down to a relatively low level with the LED lights on the ends of the constructions.  The wires are connected with each other, forming something like fluted columns, capitals or their group.

It looks like a graphic drawing of black lines. This collection of chandeliers looks somewhat divorced from reality, as a linear three-dimensional model or drawing on paper. Their design is definitely based on the models of classical chandeliers, but the appearance is innovative and futuristic.


The Italian LU Murano company has released innovative chandeliers. Designer Fabio Fornasier created a chandelier made ​​of carbon fiber. This chandelier is the result of combining a high-flying skill, art and contemporary art. Winding, dynamic form of each part is sculpted by hand at very high temperatures and gives the impression that the form moves from the wind.

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