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Unique Zippo Gasolier Gas Lamp

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Everything appears once for the first time: asphalt pavement roads, fast cars, electricity. Not long ago, people roasted themselves at the fireplace and lit their homes using gas lamps. Today technological progress has gone so far it provides people with the most comfortable life. But some people miss the old days, the glitter of candles and a candelabrum in hands. Designer Luka Pirnat is one of such antiquity lovers who created a unique Zippo Gasolier gas lamp.

Candelabrum Looking Gas Lamp from Zippo

Zippo Gasolier Gas Lamp by Luka Pirnat

 Zippo Gasolier Gas Lamp by Luka Pirnat 

Zippo Gasolier lamp was created in collaboration with company that manufactures sacred artifacts since 1937 and industrial designer Luka Pirnat, who is constantly exploring the new possibilities of design in everyday objects.

Steel chandelier with 7 menorahs fits perfectly into any interior. Zippo lighters of high quality provide illumination on demand and complement the design of the candelabrum: gold-plated inserts overlap with the legs of the lighters and round pieces blend with the lamp’s stand.

Zippo Gasolier combined two iconic objects: a set of Zippo lighters and a candelabrum with seven menorahs, which is a traditional symbol of Judaism. Both of them perform their essential role, but together they create an unusual union of classic and contemporary culture. Not surprisingly, the new incarnation of the Zippo was an example of the quality, reliability and character.

Zippo Gasolier Gas Lamp by Luka Pirnat

Zippo Gasolier Gas Lamp by Luka Pirnat 

In his creation Luka Pirnat wanted to combine together two centuries – the 19th (when gas lighting was widely used) and the 21st century, when every third smoker had Zippo lighter. The brand tries to diversify its product line, producing lighters in classic and unconventional designs.

Many of the early Zippo products are hand-painted works of art. Advances in technology have changed the design and decoration of Zippo lighters. But the basic mechanism of Zippo lighters remained unchanged.

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