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How To Create Traditional Chic Bedroom Decor

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To create chic bedroom it’s best to start with the color scheme. Certain neutrals can be very stylish but on their own they might look too bland. Be sure to mix and match not only colors but also textures as it will make your decor more varied and interesting.

Traditional Chic Bedroom Decor Ideas

How To Create Traditional Chic Bedroom Decor

Add Pattern

Many a time traditional rooms are designed in solid colors but pattern or print can bring detail to the look. Opt for patterned wallpaper, rug, or headboard to add character to your bedroom. Choose chevron, floral, or stripe for sprucing up your traditional bedroom design.

Statement Headboard

Since furnishings are so refined in traditional bedroom opt for a statement headboard to add character to the room as well as create a focal point that will instantly catch the eye. It can be patterned tufted headboard or one of these creative alternatives that will fit your bedroom decor.

Bedroom Bench

End bench is a great way to add a surprising element, a twist to your bedroom. You can opt for a luxury tufted end bench or you can go for a printed one. You can also choose one in a different style like art deco or vintage.

The end bench alternatives are almost limitless. You can use chairs or a fainting couch instead of a regular bench. Finally you can be practical and go for the one with the storage space.

Lighting & Mirrors

These two accessories can signigicantly enhace the look of your traditional bedroom as well as make it seem bigger. Choose a statement chandelier for your bedroom and invest in a good quality mirror in a decorative frame.

Decorative night table lamps will also add a touch of elegance to the room while beautiful bed throws will finish off the look perfectly.

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