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Moon Miniature LED Light

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If you wanted a moon miniature in your home own LED Moon Light by Nosigner is as close as it can get. This mini moon lamp gives a beautiful glow to the room when it’s dark showing off the moon-like texture of this light fixture. But it has a much deeper meaning than just a moon-inspired object. Read the description from designers:

Moon Miniature LED Light

Everyone in Japan affected by the earthquake prayed to the super moon,
the biggest full moon in a cycle of 18 years.
‘The moon’ is the light of our hope.

This bright object, composed of LED lights, is based on lunar orbiter
Kaguya’s accurate 3D topographic data of the moon.

Its mild glow is a great way to make the home decor more mysterious and atmospheric. The moon form looks genuine and its texture makes it look like as if the moon was reduced to fit one’s home. Moon is a mesmerizing sphere no wonder so many designers have been inspired by it and have created beautiful objects that are both functional and believable.

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