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“Must Have” Tools for Housekeeping

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A secret to any beautiful interior is proper care. But good care doesn’t necessarily has to be expensive. An experienced housekeeper always has a “rescue kit” to solve any dirty business inside their house. And let’s have a look inside this kit to be armed against dust and dirty spots on any surface. 



This is probably the most frequent housework performed. And not only for the sake of tidiness but also for the sake of preventing or managing health issues. The number of anti-dust measures may differ as well as tools used for them depending on your lifestyle, pets and interior.

A regular vacuum cleaner is very convenient. It perfectly fulfills the task of getting rid of dust on soft furniture, carpets and high ceilings. Absorbing the dust, it also reduces its amount in the air much better than a broom.

Another anti-dust tool is a rag. The best variant is a microfiber rag – it is very good at absorbing liquids and cleaning all types of surfaces. Wet rag holds the tiny dusty particles inside its fibers and, therefore, brilliantly completes its task.

Extendable duster will help you to get to a web under a high ceiling, or clean dust from other distant surfaces.

It is also advisable to get a dusty spray. It improves the result of your cleaning and works as a sanitizer.


General cleaning

Rubber gloves protect gentle human skin from environment especially when they come into direct contact with dirt and dust as well as harsh chemicals contained in cleaning products.

Scrubber comes to help if you want your texture floors to return their original color. Scrubber brush will be able to enter every crevice. It is also very effective against old dirty spots that are difficult to clean with a usual rag. If you have a cat, everything in your house is one big evidence of that. Scrubber brush will be able to sweep away all the irritating fur from your soft furniture.

Used toothbrushes can save the situation with dust and dirt in difficult areas.

If you realize you might need several more spare hands to move your cleaning kit or some cleaned objects that means you need a caddy. It is very comfortable to carry everything you need during your cleaning from room to room.

Durable buckets for water. Several of them are needed to clean a mop or a rag before continuing your cleaning. It’s comfortable to have different sizes of them to sweep dust or to mop floors.

Mop keeps you on a decent distance from floors while doing the dirty job. There are different mop modifications for different types of floor textures.

Squeegees are necessary for cleaning glass surfaces – windows or mirrors. They will do this job much better than any rag or sponge. A squeegee will prevent your window from lines and spots. Save your effort and time on trying to clean a window. By the way, not only windows might be kept in a wonderful condition with a squeegee. It can be successfully used for your shower and bathtubs as well.

Furniture polish to keep smooth polished surfaces shiny. You may alsoneed special kind of cleaners for stone, silver, metal, leather, wood and soft surfaces. You will also need a special polish for parquet floors.

Trash cans in several areas of the house. The closer it is to walk to the can, the less trash ends up in the most surprising places. Preferably a trash can should be standing in every room. Recycling bins are great for easy trash sorting.


Having this tool kit you will be fully armed against filth. Your house will gain hundred more points to your stylish interior and comfort.

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