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Superstitions about Home and Homekeeping

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My Grandma is one the most superstitious people in the world. She considers a knife left at a table a bad omen, and always reminds either to use a knife or to put it away from the table. Here are some more superstitions about homekeeping I’d like to share with you.


Between Superstition and Common Sense

If there are three candlesticks in a row, you should put them into different parts of the room to prevent bad luck. Lately this superstition has been aplied to not only candles but regular lamps as well. It’s easy to understand if you imagine someone trying to reach something on the table lit up by three candlesticks standing closely in a row. Especially s bad omen is a candle put onto a table in a plastic glass in front of an open window.

It’s a bad omen to leave an empty jar on a table. Some say, there is going to be a quarrel in a family. Others say, you are going to have problems with money. Concerning this, we should remember that a jar filled up with Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon is an omen for a family reunion.

If you steal a leaf from your friend’s domestic plant, it will grow good in your house. It’s connected to a belief that if someone’s present breaks or gets lost, it’s a sign that it was presented by a greedy person. So, if this plant went dry, it’s not your fault. In fact your friend discovered one leaf missing.

horse shoe

After having built a new house or after a renovation, you should throw away all old brooms. They are believed to bring along the old problems. I suppose – along with the dirt from the old house. So, better burn the old brooms with all the negative just in case.

At last, remember that it’s a bad lack to jump out of a window, if you can’t return the same way. It’s an omen of death if the window is situated higher than on a third or second floor.

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