Porch Design Ideas

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There are many ways of designing your porch. But the conventional way to use a porch is for outdoor eating area. However, if you have an indoor porch you can make a lounge room or another bedroom. A hanging bed on the indoor porch looks quiet unusual and attractive. You can also make it your little garden with flowerpots and little trees.

Porch Design Ideas

Porches as outdoor areas require durable furniture. It can be woven or steel but it of course should match the exterior of your house as should the paint of the porch. If you are lucky to have a garden around your porch you are already provided with privacy and beautiful environment.

Consider the lighting when designing your porch. If you want it to be more intimate and romantic opt for candles or table lamps. If you want the quality light then go for lanterns and big outdoor lamps. Flooring is also an important part of the porch. Wooden is cozy and goes well with brick house facing, while marble flooring adds to the luxuriousness of the house.

There can also be two-storey porches, which are great if you wanted to make it both garden and eating area. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the textures and materials as the porch should also be fuctional especially if you lack space in your home.

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