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Create Indoor/Outdoor Feel With Glass Walls

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Glass walls are very popular in modern architecture as they help create indoor/outdoor feel at home. This connection with the surroundings make for cozy atmosphere inside the house that blurs the line between outdoors and indoors. Indoor glass walls can also be used as room dividers without making rooms boxy.

Indoor/Outdoor Feel With Glazed Walls

Plenty of Sunlight

Even one glass wall in the room will flood the room with sunlight. Curtains and shutters can add privacy to the room as well as protect from sun and be retracted any time you want to enjoy natural light and the view.

Landscape Views

The transparent walls will open up to the surroundings which in beautiful locations can simply be magical. You can also surround your house with a garden to create beutiful view. If you only have a back yard at your disposal you could also built a small garden to enjoy through the transparent walls.


The glass wall in the bedroom is very popular as are the glazed living rooms in modern architecture. Light sunny kitchen can also be created with a glass wall and even a bathroom can be enhanced with it. You can also create an external glass wall pavilion for enjoying the outdoors in any weather while comfortly sitting indoors.

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Indoor/Outdoor Feel With Glazed Walls

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