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Charming Patio Design Ideas

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Patio is a great outdoor space for both lounging and eating, celebrating birthdays and simply entertaining friends. Before designing your patio consider the location and sun exposure, materials and shape of your future patio. Here are some charming ideas to get you inspired.

Creative Patio Ideas

Charming Patio Design Ideas

Creative Patio Short Fence

Since patio is usually paved you can add a creative short fence to add an architectural element as well as a more intimate feel to it. To separate the patio from the rest of the yard or garden use stone slabs as they greatly contrast with the green grass. The patio areas can be created in different shapes, usually round.

Surround It With Greenery

Surround your patio with greenery and flowers in statement pots or use pergola as both trellis and sun awning for your patio. You can add light flowing curtains to your pergola for increased privacy.

Focal Point

Add a focal point to your patio to bring all the elements of it together. Usually an outdoor fireplace used as a focal point but you can opt for a fire pit instead or you can swap fire for water in a wall fountain, for instance.


Lighting can also become a great decoration. There are many outdoor lighting options that will enhance the look of your patio. It can be more traditional like lanterns and floor lamps or more modern and futuristic like LED-lit stones.

Views are also quite important so you might want to locate your patio near a swimming pool or better yet a pond. Of course, creative furnishings also make for a distinct look when it comes to patio design. Opt for creative but cozy furniture to spruce up your patio as well as look for a sun awning that will fit your decor and will also add character to it.

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