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Classical Mansion with Modern Extension

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There is a typical English house with three bedrooms in the English city of Winchester, Hampshire. The house needed major repair. And its owners asked the architects from AR Design Studio to remodel their home. They wanted at the same time to reorganize the internal space of the house, increasing the living space and updating the interior.

Runners House: Classical Mansion with Modern Extension

Runners House in England by AR Design Studio

Runners House in England by AR Design Studio

There was a small outdoor patio between the two parts of the mansion. And the architects decided to perform their tasks using its useful space. They built a large bright room with two-colored space around the steel stairs into the facade of the building, transparent sliding doors leading to the garden that combined a kitchen, a dining room with a large dining table, a spacious living room and a hallway with roomy storage systems.

The AR Design Studio architects restored traditional brick facade having plastered it. They did not visually integrate an additional building with the house.  The extension was wood-paneled with cedar outside and partly inside. They built a wide concrete plinth to the wooden arch, playing on the contrast, which is going down to the garden. It is light, as well as the main body of the house.

The interior space undergone simple decoration, making minimalist style and glossy white with light gray the main elements of the new interior. The architects let the owners fill the space with color and their favorite things.

The centerpiece of the home is taken by a broad steel staircase, which leads to the second floor: it shares the public and private areas and visually zones kitchen with dining room and living room.

By combining the yard with a living space of the mansion, the architects have significantly increased the total area of ​​the house. And in addition to a large common area, they have two more bedrooms as a result of the redesign.

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