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Kirimaya House in Thailand by Architectkid

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A bizarre residence located 150 km from Bangkok definitely should belong to pieces of unusual architecture. Its creator broke the rules of familiar architectural practice by building a house of two blocks of a completely different structure and dimension.

Kirimaya House by Architectkid

Kirimaya Residence

Kirimaya Residence

Arrangement According to Purpose

Architects say, they were trying to create a house for enjoying the surrounding natural landscape. Another important point was interior arrangement of areas for various purposes.

All in all, the whole building looks like a modern one-storey house placed on a cushion. Glue tile, wood and glass stand altogether forming a weird combination of wildness and fashion. Some may object that such an idea brings any attractiveness to the whole construction but nothing can be said for sure till details are brought for judgment.

Specialty Rooms

The first floor represents a huge round pillow squashed by the rectangular construction on its top made of thousands glue tiles covering one another to form this bulbous structure. In general, it belongs to landscape around it thanks to material and shape. As for interior – here is located a special area for yoga. Actually the first floor seems like an ideal location for this kind of activity. All storages, guest bedrooms and bathrooms are also housed here.

Sight from the Living Room

Sight from the Living Room

Living Areas

Second floor exterior design is made in a completely different shape. On the other hand, same glue tile used for décor mark that these two structures belong to the same building. This is a lovely villa among jungles with a large balcony and wide windows. Everything is designed to enjoy the view. Even master bedrooms and the living room are arranged so that the view was the main part of décor in a room.

This house serves for its hosts’ needs. Working areas and specialty rooms are located on the ground floor, helping to concentrate on everyday uneasy matters concerning household.

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