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Home of the Future Project by LAVA

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The recent exhibition in Sydney, Australia by UTS Architecture has shown off an incredible Home of the Future Project by LAVA (Laboratory for Visionary Architecture). The concept of their project is the balance between the human and nature needs in one system. The home of the future is going to create the harmony of humans, nature and technology all brought together.

Home of the Future Project by LAVA

The ‘Future Home’ by LAVA is a structure that comprises 15 living spaces each with its own individual interior design. The vegetation and informational technology will be used to create a unique micro climate with electronic support in the system. The ceiling of this dome will be made of ETFE, which allows more light in and is a great and less costly substitute to plastic and glass.

The micro climate  created due to ETFE ceiling and special features will allow keep homes open to a tropical garden which becomes beautifully illuminated at night. Home of the Future will start construction in late 2011 on top of the furniture mall in Beijing, China.

The exhibition will continue up to March 31, 2011. So if you have the chance to see this you might see the current work of LAVA, the Home of the Future Project that includes process material, working models, animations and renderings. Also see the Home of the Future in the gallery below and comment.

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