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Intricate Architecture in Michael Hansmeyer’s Ornamented Columns

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Michael Hansmeyer’s Ornamented Columns is an incredible combination of technology and intricate architecture. These are the most intricate and detailed columns I’ve ever seen. Using algorithms and hand work Zurich-based architect and programmer Michael Hansmeyer creates his amazing series of Ornamented Columns while working with the CAAD group.

Intricate Architecture in Michael Hansmeyer's Ornamented Columns

Using subdivision algorithm time and again Michael Hansmeyer then took to cardboard to cut his breathtakingly beautiful Ornamented Columns out of it. Each of Michael Hansmeyer’s column is nine feet in height, 2000 pounds in weight, and is made of 2700 1mm-thin slices of cardboard. The columns are so detailed that 3D printer cannot handle them:

Every 3D printing facility we spoke to turned us down. Typically those machines can’t process more than 500,000 faces — the computer memory required to process the data grows nonlinearly, and it also gets tripped up on the self-intersecting faces of the column,

Michael Hansmeyer told Co.Design. And the column contains from 8 to 16 million polygonal faces. The columns are strong enough to support weight but Michael Hansmeyer wants to try and work with more firm materials to be able to create whole intricate structures, which would be absolutely amazing!

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