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Eco-Friendly Kindergarten in Holland

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Can you imagine a kindergarten, where young children learn how to use natural resources in practice? Rotterdam architectural firm, Kraaijvanger has designed and built an Early Childhood Center in Wassenaar, Netherlands,
 on request of the American School of the Hague, using green technologies.

“Green” Technologies in Early Childhood Center

Early Childhood Center in Wassenaar, Netherlands

Early Childhood Center in Wassenaar, Netherlands

The building, designed in a style of a traditional farm, includes 12 classrooms, a gym, a nursery and one multipurpose room for 230 children aged from 3 to 6 years.

Prior to the project realization and building this place had a farm from the 16th century. The farm has been renovated and included into the complex while the barn was adapted for classrooms. Thanks to the sloping roof they are full of sunlight so children receive natural light and direct interaction with the natural landscape. In the farmhouse there are administrative functions of kindergarten: a dining room, a kitchen, a library, a nursery and a room for staff. The both buildings are settled into the environment and local landscape.

Both the old and the new buildings are connected to each other mentally and physically. The connection role plays a bridge. You can feel the close connection between the two buildings inside and outside them. The bridge itself shows a strong link materialized in stout wood and metal structures.

Architects paid special attention to sustainability of the project, utilizing a set of modern green technologies, including the use of solar energy, LED-emitting diodes, the wastewater treatment system and natural materials for construction and decoration.

Several playgrounds around the buildings were designed by studio van Ginneken. They are divided in squares and designed by greenery and vegetable gardens.

Landscape design is based on the goals of the kindergarten. A natural environment where young children learn through play about the importance of wise use of natural resources and environmental responsibility. Children interact with water and natural materials, see how energy is generated. Thus, they are educated in a natural way.


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